Transmissions from Vlentary – 2nd January 2022 – Lockdown, what lockdown & It’s starting to look a lot like summer

Transmissions from Vlentary – 2nd January 2022 – Lockdown, what lockdown & It’s starting to look a lot like summer











Happy New Year :D.  May 2022 bring all that you hope for and not be a repeat of 2020.

2022 started off great for me.  We finally got out of lockdown on 15 December (Child finished school on 14 December … but of course.) My husband escaped Auckland with the rest of the city on 18 December and attempted to tackle the grass at our holiday home, as well as the eggs that had been sitting in the fridge since the end of July… (To be fair, I was planning on coming back the week we end into lockdown …), while I worked 1 more week up in Auckland.  I finally got down to our holiday home on 24 December after 5 months away and I could actually feel the stress leaving as I pulled in the gate.  Never thought it was a physical feeling, but damn did it feel good.

Downside to the stress leaving… I collapsed in a heap and did almost nothing for five days… Oops.  I was not disappointed to see the back end of 2021 and finding a little bit of my sanity.

So 2022 … who knows what the year is going to bring.  I’m trying to limit my doom scrolling since I worked out early into our last lockdown that it does my head in and nothing gets done.  Doing o.k at the moment.  I have checked the news site twice since Xmas Eve.  Kinda helps not actually having a TV connected down here LOL.

There was a picture doing the rounds on Twitter and Facebook recently where the number 1 song when you turned 22 will be how your 2022 goes… I looked into it for a giggle, and restricted it to New Zealand number 1 songs, because why not.

How Bizarre – OMC – Kind of appropriate LOL.  still trying to decide if it is a good or bad thing.


Now I usually do a yearly wrap up, but honestly… I have no idea what I actually did other than surviving a 100 plus day lockdown with my insanity mostly intact.  A review of my previous blogs, didn’t really help much… and Sorry for disappearing midway through November, it was rough and I needed to work on me for a bit 🙂


2021 – The Good, The Bad and the downright UGLY

Good News:  Other than me surviving and not having to take shares in duct tape.  Nyx went home for Thanksgiving 🙂  They continue to improve daily, overcoming new challenges and missed injuries.  There’s still a long road back, but they were up to doing 1 day of schooling a week, which was better than the original prognosis.


The Bad and UGLY News:  Can’t really differentiate between the two of these LOL.  My Fiction reading didn’t happen, Writing… well I managed 13k of DG for NANO.  Nothing close to what I was aiming for.  And despite being an extreme introvert, I discovered that I don’t do well when I’m confined to home with two other people … especially not a 12-year-old extravert, who gets bored easily and really doesn’t cope with Lockdowns.

While I am thankful my boss was able to keep the business running, be it with reduced hours, I think I may have coped better with dealing with the homeschooling side of things, if I Didn’t have to maintain a full-time job.  Fingers crossed, I don’t have to cross that bridge anytime soon.


2022 Plans

I have spent the last week of 2021 planning on what I wanted to accomplish this year.  Given how disjointed the last two years have been, and the fact I don’t think the Universe has finished smacking me around with a piece of 4×2 anytime soon, I halved my usual plans.  I need time to recharge apparently.

This year, I want to:

  • Finish Dream Goals
  • Edit Desert Magpies – Yes, I got the result back… it needs a developmental edit done, so am attempting to clean it up, then sending it back to my editor friend to help 🙂
  • Write a 10k Fanfic – OKAY… STOP LAUGHING.  I have a random idea floating around that won’t leave me alone.  I figure it could slot into a fandom and be a a giggle to read… and literally … it is a small scene.  Nothing worthy of a novel.
  • Write Zombe during April and July Camps and finish it during NANO
  • Outline and plot Earthdancer and the Dancer series.

January Plan of Attack


  • Write 22404 words and get Dream Goals up to Act 3
  • Read at least 2 Fiction books – I completed none last year
  • Read at least 1 Writing Craft Book
  • Take time out to have some fun for me!!!  This includes making a start on the Remastered Final Fantasy 7
  • Try and get two blogs out this month … all ready a day late on this one … oops
  • Complete 2 writing craft courses.
  • Enjoy my time out down at our bach and crossing fingers and toes that we don’t go back into lockdown.
  • Come up with a better name for my Zombie Story.



1st January Stats

Writing:  DG & OWIS – 59501 words written
Zombie – 17 Scenes Outlined.


Reading:  The Theatre of Nok-Mondu – 0 of 298 pages
Story Fix – Larry Brooks. – 0 of 228 Pages.


Course:  Mindmaps for Authors – 0%


Good luck with any plans you may have.  Stay Warm (northern hemisphere), Stay Cool (Southern Hemisphere) … I’m off to throw myself in the lake and escape this 30C temperature.










Rose by anyother name

This was originally posted on my other site, however, since it got hacked, and I can’t find it on my new site …now is a good time to post it again 🙂

I was on Twitter the other night, chatting about character names with another writer. She had a very, what seemed to me, strong, powerful name for her FMC. It was a 1 syllable First Name with a 1 Syllabled Surname. She was also considering changing the surname to a 2 syllable one.

To me, the new name flowed better. A softer edge to a hard exterior, which is what my friend was aiming for.

The resulting conversation got me thinking about, how we perceive names and people without ever seeing them. And I conducted a little test 🙂

The names I use on a regular basis are:

Boys: Alex, Kristobel, Nathaniel
Girls: Aria & Paige.

For me, Alex is Blond, blue eyed. Kristobel and Nathaniel are both Tall, Dark & Handsome. Nathaniel with a bit for of a sense of humour.
Aria, my feisty red-haired & Paige, the girly sidekick.

For my friend: Alex is Tall, Dark & Handsome, Nathaniel is either Tall, thin, cute and geeky or incredibly creepy, Kristobel – a princess (she thought this spelling was feminine and Christobel more masculine).
Aria – soft love interest
Paige – Red haired

Even as writers it appears we are not immune to preconceived ideas and judgements based on people we meet with those names. It can also work in reverse when you create a character then meet the person in Real Life.

Growing up I fell in love with the name Rainier & more specifically Prince Rainier of Monaco and Princess Grace. The name Rainier making a number of appearances as my MC’s. Including in StarDancer.

When my son was born, we named him Rainier (my writing may have influenced my husband’s acceptance of the name). It was about that time I picked up StarDancer which had been sitting in the Chapter 10 doldrums for a few years and started writing again.

I dusted Rainier off and rewrote the chapters, coming across his enemy Koltan.

My son started daycare/kindy when he was 1, and about 6 months in, he made a new friend. They were the best of buddy’s and did everything together. His name… Koltan spelt exactly the same way as my character.

I remember sitting on the floor with both of them crawling all over me thinking “You can’t be Koltan… you’re too sweet to be Koltan” (My Koltan is a Bounty Hunter and definitely not sweet).

It took a couple of years before I stopped seeing him as that … and in the meantime, Story Koltan took on a life of his own and changed slightly, becoming less obnoxious and developing his own personality.

A recent resurrection of a story resulted in me dusting off the name Wesley.  After a few days of misspelling the name as Westley, I remembered by I had chosen Wesley and his subsequent nicknames… 10 points to which ever house you support if you can pick both references :).  Again another set of names with preconceived ideas, which suit the character I’ve created.

J.J Green asked a question on Facebook recently, asking for ideas on her name for her character.  The responses given were interesting, to say the least, and started an interesting facebook debate, along the same lines as this blog.  Even published authors are not immune to the preconceptions we all have.

Transmissions from Vlentary – 24th October to 11th November – Lockdown Part 6: It’s been 84 years … and NANO Oh No

Transmissions from Vlentary – 24th October to 11th November – Lockdown Part 6: It’s been 84 years … and NANO Oh No







Whoops, a little late on this one. Lockdown fatigue well and truly set in and there were days where I struggled to do more than stumble out of bed, log into work, and try to persuade the child that he really does need to do school work …

On the lockdown front… still locked within Auckland, but as of yesterday, we can now gather in groups of 25 people outside, so cricket training is starting today. YAY. We are all over being stuck inside these four walls — the husband packed the car yesterday morning in preparation or this afternoon.


October Update

Not a lot was completed this month.  I think I wrote a grand total of about 500 words …

I did have a couple of days sitting in the carpark while the child played with a socially distanced ad masked friend and I am now 16 handwritten pages into my outline for Zombie …

Unfortunately, that was all I managed to complete.  Reading and coursework are now on hold until December because …


It’s NANO time

Looking back through my older blogs, I realised the last time I did one of these updates, I was writing this same story … ooops. This time around I am actually hoping to finish it.

Follow along as I chronicle my descent into the madness that is … NANOWRIMO 2021.


31 Oct – Virtual kick-off party in progress since Covid restrictions put a hold on all in-person events.  Various Auckland Nanoers popped in with calls of “Haven’t seen you in a year.” “Don’t forget to do the Scrivener 3 update before midnight” & “Oh god, I have no plot… someone give me a plot”

1 Nov – 00:15 I decide I’m too old to do an all-nighter and take my tired butt to bed.  I have the day off work so I’ll be able to catch up on my word count later in the day.   Reader… she did not. 931/1667 words completed.

2 Nov – O.k I’ve recovered from the lack of sleep.  Day 2, I can do this.  I have an outline, I know what my characters are supposed to be doing. I just need to get through this awkward scene.  URGH, second-hand embarrassment is real. 90 words completed.  1071/3334

3 Nov – this is now getting stupid.  Took my characters out. gave them a shake and told them to behave. (and to stop embarrassing me) – today’s wording Gem – “Sage, he was dead on his feet. I doubt he could have found enough energized brain cells to think his way out of a wet paper bag. He had no idea what he was doing.”  Word count was slightly better today.  1631 – Total 2702/5001.

4 Nov – pretty sure today fell into a black hole and ceased to exist … 0 words – 2702/6668

5 Nov – FIREWORKS … and no, not in the story, unfortunately, managed to get 547 words into the next scene … and introduced the problem child to the mix – They reached the court a few minutes later, Wes swallowing a chuckle as Alix sat at the table with all grace of a rapidly deflating balloon. Crutches clattering to the ground as he tried and failed, to hang them on the end of the table.
Rolling his eyes, Wes bent and retrieved the crutches, knowing that despite the fact they were ice hockey players, at least four of their team members would trip of them in their rush to grab caffeine. – Total 3249/8335

6 Nov – urgh… slow going… but at least it’s going.  wrote partial angst … and my Main Character finally met the last person of the team… this started unravelling rapidly – 1208 words. Total 4457/10002 – this gap is blowing out…

7 Nov – another slowish day. The child had a friend over to run around and chase cricket balls in the back yard… and I had to go do peopling things… at the supermarket… ick.  754 Words – 5211/11669

8 Nov – back at work and another round of trying to persuade the child to complete his schoolwork… husband also decided to get sick so the parenting hat was on more than the author one.  Discord discussions today included – If you jump off the top of a three-storey building… is it a three or four storey drop? – 205 words – 5416/13336

9 Nov – The day I broke my own sprint record and wrote 442 in 20 minutes… at 11 pm.  No, I don’t know how I did it, and it may never be replicated again – 705 words – 6121/15003

10 Nov – Okay. managed to get the scene moving along and it is finally nearly done… at 4k odd words long… oppps.  I realised my issue was that I have previously written this scene from Danni and Alix’s POV’s, this version is from Wes’ and I was getting stuck on seeing things from his perspective.  I think I have finally got it clear in my head… as clear as mud anyway. 609 words.  6730/16670


So, I’m now up to needed 2164 words per day to reach 50k by 30 November.  Here’s hoping I find the roll shortly.

A quick lockdown update … The boy can go back to school next week … yes I have a bottle of bubbles chilling for this very moment LOL.  We also should find out when we can escape Auckland sometime next week… here’s hoping we can get away for Christmas.  Apparently, the grass at the bach is attempting to reclaim the house.



Transmissions from Vlentary – 10th – 23rd October – Lockdown Level Groundhog – The Lockdown Continues

Transmissions from Vlentary – 10th – 23rd October – Lockdown Level Groundhog – The Lockdown Continues







Level 3.1415926535

Red Light – Green Light

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction and Ohhh Look… wormhole

Continue as you were, do not pass Go, do not collect $200


O.k so I’m mixing my idioms here but, I’m on day 62ish of lockdown, my Groundhog has given up and rinse and repeat is just making everything soggy…


Yes, our lockdown continues… We have just been told to expect to be locked down until the end of November.  Despite the bad news that we will have been in lockdown for over 3 months, the announcement has actually alleviated some of my stress.  I’m no longer holding out for some arbitrary date that may, or may not appear any time soon.  We have tangible targets and a way of tracking them.

Am I still frustrated about being locked in my house and being expected to work a full-time job as well as manage my child’s schoolwork, and not completely lose the plot when three of us attempt to have zoom meetings at the same time… Hell yes.  But I now have something to aim for that isn’t just a pipe dream.  I’m no longer grasping at sand as it slips through my fingers.  My mental health has suffered during this lockdown because there was no endpoint in sight. No Endpoint, no finish line, which when you are a competitive as I am… you need 😀


Now that I am settled in my head about the next milestone… my muse also returned (But of course she did …)


October So far …


  • I survived the school holidays, without duct taping anyone to the ceiling 😀
  • I managed to get two outings and caught up with a writing friend.  Yes, we were masked up and social distancing, but damn was it worth it.
  • My Muse came back 😀 … O.k so she’s playing ball enough that I can start writing again, but she is giving me some plotting ideas for my Zombie stories.  Some of which have left me wondering how I can pull them off in the story … 
  • I have also plotted out all my scenes up to the First Plot Point 😀 … just in time for NANO.


I haven’t progressed any of my other goals… I am taking the fact that I am up, mobile and functioning as a human as a win at the moment… anything else is a bonus 😀


Quick Update on Nyx

For those of you wondering …


Nyx is improving in leaps and bounds.  They have been transferred out of ICU and into a private room at Seattle Children’s Hospital.  Mum and Dad are able to share the room … and the stresses.

Their sense of Humour has remained well and truly intact and many a therapist has been sent away with their own homework… and one has even seriously regretted asking the question “What is the purpose of a Banana …”.

The sutures were all removed today, and the feeding tube is expected to be removed this coming weekend, and there is also a potential discharge date advised.

Nyx has been set goals and has consistently exceeded them with strength and determination far beyond their sixteen years. I’m grateful to be able to call them and their parents good friends… I just wish I wasn’t on the other side of the world. (Google Maps can’t even calculate how far away I am … LOL)


Looking ahead

  • With NANOWRIMO starting in 10 days (Cue PANIC MODE), my blogs will be switching to weekly as I document my planning, Panic and pyromania (when it all fails) as the month of madness progresses … hang on to your hats, it’s guaranteed to be a wild ride.
  • I’m hoping to get Zombie completely outlined to the midpoint by 1st November.
  • I’m planning on writing the remainder of DG&OWIS, however… with how disrupted this year has been so far, I am setting up Zombie so I can keep writing that one if all my ideas disappear for DG…

O.k Best go finish that outline… See you all next week.

Transmissions from Vlentary – 26th September to 9th October – Lockdown Level 3.1 – Playdates and School Holidays

Transmissions from Vlentary – 26th September to 9th October – Lockdown Level 3.1 – Playdates and School Holidays











Ooops, a little late with this update. It’s certainly been a fortnight I’d much rather forget.


As you can see by the title, Auckland is still in lockdown. Eight weeks now, and we’ve been told to expect another four to eight before we come out the other side.


A positive is a slight change to the alert levels, so while we still can’t travel out of Auckland, we can organise playdates with one other household… outside and masked up.  So of course the school holiday’s roll around, the temperature drops and the rain set in …



End of September Roundup


  • The month crawled by with no sign of my muse appearing any time soon.
  • Word count … yeah let’s just ignore that one shall we.
  • Unfortunately it was a repeat of August. Lockdown is doing my head in


The start of October


  • Good News!!! – I managed to send my Desert Magpies manuscript off to the editor last week.  She’s going to have a look at it, to see what kind of work is needed. I should know by the end of the year how much of a rewrite I am looking at.
  • I finally managed to get my reworked timeline for DG&OWIS sorted and into Aeon Timeline. Culled about 10 scenes in the process.  Let’s see if that keeps me under 100k words.
  • Zombie & EarthDancer both have their main plot points sorted to the Mid Point.  I’m currently trying to nail down my Antag for Zombie, and add a couple of plot twists to the first Act … Sorry to say, Jai still has to die.
  • I survived the first week of the school holidays … by working.  I am now losing my mind during the second week, trying to entertain the 12-year-old while confined indoors and unable to use electronic’s due to his father working from home… in the living room. Looks like we are still going to be in Lockdown for a while so it’s back to working and homeschooling from next weeks as well.
  • With the slight relaxation of the rules, I am going to try and catch up with a fellow PingWing tomorrow… sitting on her deck, 6 feet apart, while we have a NANO planning session.


Current Projects


Writing:  DG&OWIS – First Draft – 50,688 words

Drafting: Zombie Outline – Outlined to the Mid Point

EarthDancer – Outlined to the Mid Point

Reading:  Rae of Hope – Book 1, Chronicles of Kerrigan – WJ May. – I may finish this book this week

Courses: The Creative Writing Project, by Steve Alcorn.

Blogs:  Nothing this fortnight



Now, I usually finish on a positive or at least a happy note… but it has been a little hard to find recently.

My CP experienced a family emergency on 6 October, when their 16-year-old child was injured in a vehicle vs pedestrian accident. Every parent’s worst nightmare.  I’m stuck on the other side of the world, worrying about my daughter from another mother (they call me Mama Rhi), trying my best to keep their actual mother from unravelling in the small hours of the evening.

Nyx is a fighter though and despite the broken ankle, head injury and other injuries, they are continuing to surpass all the goals set by the medical team and managing to retain their sense of humour. Including beating Mum in a thumb war … and flipping off the physical therapist.

It is gonna be a long road of recovery, with at least another 6 weeks in ICU/Hospital, and many sleepless nights for their parents, who can only visit one at a time.

A go fund me has been set up to help with medical expenses if you are so inclined.

Link is here.


Transmissions from Vlentary – 12th to 25th September – Lockdown Level 3 – Just like Level 4 … but with fast food.

Transmissions from Vlentary – 12th to 25th September – Lockdown Level 3 – Just like Level 4 … but with fast food.












Slowly sliding towards the end of September, into spring and hayfever season, and the start of Preptober …


Technically, I’ve been prepping all year for NANO and October is usually about the time I start to panic that I haven’t done enough, and end up completely reworking all the prep.  Trying not to let that happen this year… will let you know how that goes. LOL


How September Shaped up


Well, Auckland managed to drop to level 3 restrictions this week, which is pretty much the same as Level 4, but with fastfood and cafe coffee.  We still can’t cross the border out of Auckland and no one can come in… although the guys with $100k and a trunk load of KFC certainly tried



Level 3 does mean we still can’t get down to our bach, so my writing getaway is still on hold. The child is still doing online schooling. One more week and then he’s on school holidays for two weeks. Fingers crossed we can actually get away, otherwise, it’s going to be a very long fortnight.


Writing didn’t happen again. My Muse appears to have taken up residence on an island in the sun, sipping margaritas.5


Reading hasn’t happened either. I’m currently waiting for my new reading glasses to arrive, (They were ready the day we went into lockdown.) Hoping that will make reading small print easier. I haven’t managed to make my arms grow the extra two feet currently needed.


September Achievements


  • All products are now uploaded to my Cozmic Creations shop. Hoping to get the last of the new product photos up in the next week or so.
  • My husband finished my spice rack … and now I need a third one.  OOPS.  Yes, I do actually use all the spices I own.
  • Finished reading about Chiastic Story Structure.  Check out the blog posts by KM Weiland here.  I discovered that the books of my Dancer series naturally feel into this pattern… now I just need to plan out the books.
  • Started doing some Roll-a-prompt writing exercises in an effort to coax my muse into coming back.  She hasn’t turned up yet, but I’ve had some interesting Character/Trait/Location?object/Scenario combinations.  Today’s one was a Fantasy Prompt, involving an abandoned Baby Troll, a Child with a fever, a cloak and a fork in the road.
  • Finally finished that neverending game of 500/5000 … only took 4 weeks.  Going to be starting Polyconomy this weekend.


October Plans

  • Running away from Auckland as soon as the borders open… yes my bag is already packed LOL
  • Going to be spending this month making sure the timeline for DG still works.  I reoutlined it a few months ago and I now have a few scenes happening out of order
  • Outline both Zombie and the first book of the Dancer Series to the end of Act 1, using the Chiastic structure.
  • Send DM off to an editor … yes, I found someone who is interested in helping me edit the 165,000-word monstrosity.
  • Try to keep my sanity while continuing to home school


Current Projects


Writing:  DG&OWIS – First Draft – 50,688 words

Drafting: Zombie Outline – currently up to the Inciting Event.

Reading:  Rae of Hope – Book 1, Chronicles of Kerrigan – WJ May.

Courses: The Creative Writing Project, by Steve Alcorn.

Blogs:  Archetypical Stories – KM Weiland.


Humble Brag Corner


Mermaids & Fae, but not as you know them.  Check out Dustbound and Siren’s Call by kiwi author Clementine Fraser

Football and Romance – Peyton Storm has a Novel – Hardpressed and a short Story – Home Bye Christmas.  

Jane Doesn’t Save the World – check out the book by Erin Grey, Author, Editor and fellow WFGC Member 🙂


Transmissions from Vlentary – 29 August to 11 September – Lockdown Edition 2: MIA Muse & Hunting for Flippers

Transmissions from Vlentary – 29 August to 11 September – Lockdown Edition 2: MIA Muse & Hunting for Flippers

September So Far.


Well, it’s shaping up to be a rinse and repeat of August, with a few extra curve balls thrown in for fun …

In a year where my WTF Bingo Card has included – Lockdowns, MIQ escapee’s, earthquakes & Tsunami’s, I have also managed to tick off, Flooding (including a bonus for miniature ponies evacuated to the second floor of a home for safety), a failed travel bubble, (stranding my brother in Australia for the foreseeable future), car seizures for money laundering and drug running & a terrorist attacked all within 5 km of home.  I’m hoping I don’t have to add anything else to this before there is some light at the end of the tunnel.


I’m currently still in a level 4 lockdown. The rest of the country is in level 2 and able to have some extra freedoms, still with restrictions on gathering numbers and having to wear a mask.  Auckland has a decision made about it’s level on Monday. Not holding my breath though. My son can’t go to school until level 2, so I’m predicting he’ll be home until after the next school holidays.

My Muse is still missing in action and I’ve got crickets where the plot bunnies used to be, and my TBR pile is still sitting on 499.  My moods are all over the place lately and I can’t seem to focus on any one things.


Positives from the last two weeks.


  • My husbands is making progress on the spice rack he promised to make me … 7 years ago. I may have it in time for Christmas.
  • Our game of 5000 is still on going.  Child is close to losing at -4570 points and we may actually finish it tomorrow.  Just in time to start another marathon game, this time Poloconomy.
  • I finally finished loading up all my products from Cozmic Creations. I need to do some additional product photo’s so might dust off my light box tomorrow.  Provided I can keep the kittens out of it long enough to get anything done.
  • I loaded up my new Nano Project into the website.  Rebelling again this year and writing DG&OWIS again.  I’m determined to finish it… Provided my Muse comes back and I’m not still in lockdown
  • My scardy cat kitty is finally getting used to all the noise of having three people confined to home, and doesn’t go running under the bed now.  I even managed to get an involuntary head boop out of him this morning.  Followed by a confused look as he tried to work out what he’d done LOL. This from the guy that was abandoned at a young age and hates hands anywhere near his head normally.  The other one is living up to her middle name of trouble, and I keep having to pull her out of and off of all manner of places.  And rescue my orange rubber thimbles before she hides them.


Plans for the remainder of September


  • Slowly working through a couple of courses and hoping it sparks my Muse in coming back
  • Determined to clear at least 1 book off my TBR list this week.  I have another two stories in The Theatre of Nok-Mondu to read once I have finished my current book.
  • Opening up my Manuscript every day and trying to get some words down.


Current Projects:


Writing:  DG & OWIS – First Draft – 50,688 words (12 Chapters)

Drafting: – Redoing my outline for Zombie.  Currently up to the first plot point

Reading:  Rae of Hope – Book 1 – Chronicles of Kerrigan – WJ May

Courses:  The Creative Writing Project by Steve Alcorn


Here’s hoping I have a happier update in a fortnight.

Transmissions from Vlentary – 15 – 28 August – Lockdown: The case of the missing Muse

Transmissions from Vlentary – 15 – 28 August – Lockdown: The case of the missing Muse




August So Far

I had high hopes for August… I really did.

After July pulled off a vanishing act for the ages, I was determined to make som progress on my August plans.

  • My office was all set up and the space felt comfortable
  • I finally replaced my keyboard
  • cleared out my fifteen copies of identical story notes … (No I don’t know why I had so many copies, but I have found upwards of 20 copies of Writing Craft notes before so seems par for course)
  • Planned how and when I was actually heading down to our holiday home for my writing get away & started to pack my writing box

Which, of course, is when the Universe decided to throw me a curveball and plunge New Zealand into Leve 4 lockdown.  For the first time in a year, we were confined to our homes as the Delta variant snuck in through our border control and made its presence known.

From midnight on 18 August, all my carefully crafted plans went sailing out the window … and yes, I did consider running away to the bach anyway, but couldn’t bring myself to leave my husband home alone with 2 kittens and our 12-year-old son.

My muse, on the other hand, had no such qualms and moved out of my head without a sound … so much so I didn’t realise until I sat down on the first Friday night and opened up my Manuscript … only to be presented with.

No One Tumbleweed GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

no amount of wrangling, carjoling or pleading could convenience her to come back, so instead of stressing myself out further with trying to write while also dealing with the now lack of work, homeschooling my son and dealing with the fact that both my husband and child are not quiet … and I can’t get rid of them for a few hours peace and quiet, I decided to put my writing on hold and hope that my Muse wanders back sometime soon.

As it is, I don’t know how long we will be in lockdown for.  Most of the country seems to be coming out of lockdown this Tuesday, unfortunately, I live in Auckland which currently has the largest outbreak.  I could be stuck at home for the next two to four weeks.  I’m hoping it won’t be too much longer, being an Introvert stuck at home with an extrovert and and ambivert is going to seriously test my patience and my supply of duct tape.


Revised August Plans

So for the last two days of August… I am planning on taking it easy.  I have reorganised my TBR pile – all 499 books …, still plodding through a writing course and checking out some blog posts by K M Weiland on Archetypes and Plot Points, beating my Husband and Child at 500 … which is currently being played until 5000 points, with the option to increase it to 10,000 depending on how long we are in lockdown for.


September Plans

I’ve had stirrings of ideas over the last couple of days, fingers crossed it is my Muse coming back and not this particular Plot Bunny …

Ocotpus  running across the ocean floor going Nope Nope Nope Nope.  Martial Arts spin takedown


(Conversation shared with permission … Names redacted to protect the not so innocent)

My Writing Goal has been set to 25,000 words this month on DG&OWIS, and working on the Outline of both my Zombie Story and potentially the Dancer Series, but, I’m also not going to beat myself up if I don’t reach the goals.  This lockdown has hit me harder than the previous ones and I need to take care of me. If that means sitting at home, making a dent in my TBR pile… so be it 🙂

So, that’s all I’ve got for now.  Take Care, Stay Safe and Be Kind, no matter where you are.  We’ve got this New Zealand.

And remember