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Sneak Peek – Chapter 2



Afghanistan -17 October 2007


The mess hall was starting to fill up as the lunch rush began. Dorothy had snagged a table in the far corner of the tent, people watching over the top of her coffee mug.

Cyclops had given her forty-eight hours to pick her strike team, so instead of sleeping off the jet-lag, she was downing her fourth cup of coffee and attempting to weed out the shortlist into a cohesive team of eight.

Raised voices a few tables over had her paying attention. A group of six men had surrounded a lone female, sitting three tables to her left and had started leering at her.

Dorothy frowned as she realised two of the six had been recommended for her Strike team. Tweedle Dee, who was attempting to use his bulk to intimidate the woman, and Tweedle Dum, who’s sliminess oozed out of him.

She mentally crossed them off her list, they’d never willingly work under a female officer. She downed her coffee, preparing herself to help the other woman out of the situation if needed, which it probably wouldn’t be. Dorothy had worked with the woman before, knew she was as hard as nails and was quite capable of tearing all six men down a few pegs. Snow White was a force to be reckoned with under normal circumstances, belittle her and Hell hath no fury

She had placed her mug back on the table when she noticed a blond-haired Private making his way towards the group, two cups of coffee in his hands. His eyes narrowed as he viewed the situation, before glancing down at the mugs, then back up catching Dorothy’s eye as he did. A quick nod of his head and a smirk that vanished in seconds, had her sitting back waiting to see how the situation was going to pan out. The Private moved past Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, weaving as he did, before suddenly tripping on what could only be described as a dust bunny, and the contents of both mugs were flung over the men with unerring accuracy.

 “Aw coffee … No”

Tweedle Dee spun around, fury etched on his face, “Damn it, Scarecrow, why are you such a fucking klutz”

Scarecrow looked up from the mugs, which he had been staring into mournfully. “I could ask you why you are such an arsehole, Tweedle Dee.” He smiled at the man, knowing full well the MP’s stationed just inside the door would prevent Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum from taking a swing at him.

They both seemed to make the same conclusion and stormed out of the mess hall.

Scarecrow looked back over towards Dorothy and gave her a quick wink and a grin as she gestured for him to take a seat. He nodded quickly before moving off to refill his coffee mugs.

Dorothy smiled – first team member decided, she thought to herself and settled in for more people watching.

Sneak Peeks – Chapter One

Sneak Peeks – Chapter One


Somewhere in Afghanistan – 7 June 2012

“Oh come on Toto, was that really necessary?”
“You’re out of position,” Toto growled.
Dorothy smirked as she watched a red dot snake its way across Sneezy’s body to stop over his heart.
“Doesn’t mean you get to dump a shit ton of sand down my back.”
A crisp British voice cut across the chatter, “Better than a bullet up your arse for being out of position,” Replied Snow White.
“Followed by a size 13 boot for hogging the comms, Whiney,” Dorothy answered as she watched a second tracer hover over Sneezy’s left knee. Both snipers were in on the act now and as hilarious as it was, they really needed to be paying attention to the surrounding area. The mission had been easy so far, and that made Dorothy uneasy.
“Its Sneezy, Dorothy, and what makes you think I’m out of position”
“You’ve been demoted to Whiney, and you mean other than the fact that Toto just dumped a roof load of sand on you. The roof is clear where you should be. Scarecrow, eyes off Whiney’s left knee and cover the rear door. Toto, cover the front.” Whiney glanced down and flinched as the tracers slid off his body. Looking back up, he found a third tracer right between his eyes.
“Guess who?” Dorothy said softly, trying to suppress a giggle as a muffled YIPES echoed across the comms and Whiney shuffled back towards the door he was supposed to be guarding.
A soft snort had her eyes tracking upwards, she grinned and gave a quick wiggle of fingers to the figure on the rooftop.
A hand held up towards the window, holding up 1 finger, then 4, then 3.
A hand-held by a thigh, fingers answering, 1, 4, 3, 2 in response.
Love in a battlefield, relegated to finger wiggles in passing. Both smiling knowing the other can see, knowing it would have to be enough until the mission was over.
Dorothy unconsciously ran her thumb over the glove on her left hand, feeling the thin band encircling her fourth finger as Toto hunkered down on the roof, training his weapon on the street below, a matching ring on his own left hand.
A thundering BOOM echoed through the silent streets and the rooftop was suddenly engulfed in flames.


Lord Logenburt Part 11 by Thomas Roggenbuck

Lord Logenburt Part 11 by Thomas Roggenbuck

the continuing saga of Lord Logenburt ….

Chasing My Tale

Frederic leaned against the wall, tugging a handkerchief out of his suit pocket and dabbing it against his forehead. The dragon baby was heavy and thankfully, asleep. She had fidgeted and cried the entire time he searched for a room where she could sleep. A place that wasn’t going to burn if she belched more flames. The library had been his first thought, but she nearly set the whole room ablaze with a burp. He tried the study, the sitting room, dining room, wardrobe, and gardens, but every place he went to had something that burned. He didn’t want to carry around this fire breathing potato anymore. What he needed was a large room that was dirt and cement, like the cellar.

The cellar. That was it. There was a few shelves that could burn, but it wouldn’t be hard to move them. Frederic reached for his flask, but his…

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