Firstly an apology for the lack of recent posts.  I have been grounded for the past month coping with an ongoing medical condition and the havoc the change of seasons causes on it.  The best cure for it is sleep … unfortunately, that meant all I did for 3 weeks was go to work for 7 hours, come home, cook dinner then sleep for 10 hours (which for an insomniac is highly unusual).  Fear not, I am on the mend (my insomnia’s back, I know I’m getting better LOL), Daylight savings started today, and of course it rained in Auckland as usual, and Spring is coming.


And now for the Update 🙂

In between the sleeping and the working, I have managed to start planning Book 1 – EarthDancer and Book 5 – StarDancer. 🙂  I am doing a course called Novel University with Jennifer Blanchard, who is awesome to work with 🙂  Check out her website  and if you do sign up… tell her I sent you 🙂

So by the end, of course, I should have 2 books fully structured and ready to write come NANOWRIMO, which I will be competing in for the third year in a row.  I’d love to win this year, but… I’ll be happy if I beat last year’s word count.

I will be posting little sneak peeks over the coming weeks as I finalise characters and settings, so watch this space.




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