It’s starting to feel a lot like NANO …


October … the month that causes novelists around the world to have heart palpitations.  The most hardy, spend the month stocking up on snacks, caffeine and getting ahead with social activities, while the uninitiated stare blankly at forum boards, wondering what they have just signed themselves up for.

Me… I’m spending October planning two novels 🙂  hoping that one of them at least will be written during November.

NANOWRIMO for the uninitiated is National Novel Writers Month.  November, where you sit down and write 50,000 words in 30 days. 1667 words per day … which is harder that it seems :). You survive on lack of sleep, caffeine and chocolate running through your veins instead of blood and occasionally emerging from in front of your computer to say hello to your family.

I will attempt to give weekly updates on the Universe of Vleintary.  Not sure how much sense I will make 🙂 … one very sleep deprived writing session produced this little gem of description.

Jænnielee woke suddenly to a cacophony of noise several hours later.  It sounded as if a brass band was having a fight with an air raid siren and the elephants were winning. 

No idea where I would ever use it, but it seemed too good to delete :).

Last November, Star and company met a party of rather inept space pirates …

If you have signed up for NANO yourself, feel free to hit me up as a writing buddy.  StardancerAmberfyre.


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