So that’s November over for another year.  As I emerge from the depths of my study and stare at the strange sight hanging in the sky (I think its call the sun) and come off a caffeine high of epic proportions, I can proudly say I’m happy with what I achieved during the month.

No I didn’t win NANO, but, I finished with 41887 words written, and given my previous years efforts, I think that’s pretty good :D.

Over the last 4 years, my words written have increased.  9k, 12k, 27k and now 41k.  Next year I might actually win.

I now also have a plan of where this series is going, (Thanks to Jennifer Blanchard Williams ) and I have a 20k word prologue for EarthDancer.

During the November I met a number of new characters, some made me laugh, a couple made me cry and I learnt more about Vlentary.

I also discovered, I have a scene that appears in the Prologue, that appears in StarDancer as well… now I just need to remember to add it into the rest of the series.


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