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What a difference Ten years makes


I’ve been slowly typing my way through StarDancer over the last few months, currently up to chapter 22, and to give myself a break between chapters, I’ve been going back and editing my earlier ones, taking on board suggestions my readers have been making as well as running them through Grammarly, AutoCrit & a Text to Speech program (Which is hilarious).

I’ve just finished chapter 1’s second draft, and while I was saving a copy, I came across a version of the chapter that I wrote way back in 2007. I’m sure I have older versions floating around that are handwritten. I may dig those out at some stage.

I was curious to see how much my writing had changed in 11 years… The results are interesting.

Back in 2007, chapter 1 started like this.

As he raced through the stunning rock formations on the planet Dirjack, Star Ziebach was reminded how much like home it was, and made a mental note to visit when this race was over.
The twenty five year old had spent the last ten years being Star, hiding from his past and his personal demons. Considering it seriously now he decided that maybe he was finally ready to stop running and face his past, claiming his birthright.
“Damn, I think I just grew up” he ruefully admitted to himself.
Star was leading a field of seventy-six cars in the Passadfena to Glass City road race. The nearest competitor was twelve miles behind giving him time to enjoy the scenery, and after fourteen hours of staring at the barren desert the granite formations were a welcoming sight, heralding the start of the home stretch and the end of the race.


And today’s version gained 100 words 🙂

As he drove through the stunning rust coloured granite rock formations of L’Nari on the planet Dirjack, Star Zeibach, was reminded how much like home it was and made a mental note to try to visit sometime after the end of the racing season.
He had spent the last ten years of his life hiding, first as ‘Storm’, a Fyay Civil Air Patrol pilot, and more recently as StarDancer, the current Vlentary Intergalactic Racing Champion. Considering the visit home seriously for a moment, he wondered if maybe he was finally ready to stop the running and face his past, conquer his demons, claim his birthright and all the responsibility that went with it. It didn’t horrify him the way it used to.
I think I just went and grew up, he ruefully admitted to himself.
Star was leading a field of seventy-six cars in a race that wound its way from the Passadfena Crystal Mines on the northern coast of L’Nari, through the Eluv Forest, across the top of the Ra’ual Mountain range before descending rapidly to the Kukrax Desert to end at the famed Glass City on the southern coast.
With the nearest competitor still descending the mountain range, Star had time to enjoy the scenery. After fourteen hours of staring at the barren desert, the granite formations of Adevelai Ruins were a welcoming sight, heralding the start of the home stretch and the end of the race

I got more descriptive 🙂 Not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. The story is currently sitting at 130,000 plus words and I’m not even at the midpoint yet. Oh well, I guess that’s what editing is for.

I may post a few more “improved” passages as I slowly go through and edit the first 20 chapters.  It has been interesting to go back and read what I originally wrote and compare it to what is now planned.

In other news, I participated in a communal writing project created by the wonderful AJ Watt.  It was a blast to write, and part 10 of Lord Logenburt should be posted in the next few days.  Click here to check it out



Changes are a foot

Changes are a foot

Thank you for bearing with me over the last few months.  I can’t believe it’s nearly May… where is the year disappearing to.

Here’s what I’ve been working on since December (really … my last post was in December?? Oops).

  • Creating a new website combining my writing and my Aromatherapy/massage.  I was struggling to keep both websites updated, so decided that combining them would be a good idea …  The site is still under construction, but I’m hoping to have it up and running by the end of May.
  • STARDANCER – I’ve completed 16 chapters and trying to work on writing 2 a month.  I recently compiled my manuscript.  and ended up with a whopping 93,000 words.  I also managed to solve a few plot hole… and worked out who my main Antagonist is.  watch this space.
  • EARTHDANCER – progress is going slowly on this one.  I’ve finished the prologue, now I just need to start writing the chapters.
  • I’m also in the process of planning out WINDDANCER, WARDANCER & SUNDANCER.  and one of my readers is demanding to know Shallone’s story… so FLAMEDANCER is in the works as well
  • I also managed to win CampNANO :).  I set a target of writing 10k in the month.  Currently sitting on just under 12K.  so happy with my progress and I’ll definitely be signing up for the next one.

So there we go… it has been a busy few months 🙂

I will try and post a bit more regularly and keep you all updated on the status of the new website.

Merry Christmas from Vlentary

Merry Christmas from Vlentary

It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas :).

The heat is oppressive, the real life job workload has quadrupled in the last three weeks, there’s tinsel on the floor and it’s a never ending job to keep the cat out of the tree.

But I wouldn’t change it for the world.

So, It’s a Merry Christmas from me, Merry Tuile from Star, Krystal, Shallone and Devon, and a Happy Fyayian Fire Festival from Koltan and Calliope.

Thank you for buckling up and joining me on this epic journey.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride so far and I hope to see you all again in the New Year.